Jordanstown - The Northern Ireland School and centre of Excellence for children who are deaf or visually impaired

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For a tour of our school, please contact School Principal, Mrs Anne Magee on 028 9086 3541 (VOICE/T.D.D.)

Every child has different needs. Needs that, when not met, can sometimes act as a barrier to concentration, achievement and happiness.

At Jordanstown School, we specialise in meeting the specific needs of children who are deaf or have visual impairments. By doing ‘what works best for every child,’ using a combination of the latest technologies and experienced, attentive teaching, we offer an individual approach to communication that is tailored to maximise the learning potential of every single child.

Our diverse team of teachers and classroom assistants use Total Communication, Sign Supported English, BSL, FM & Soundfield Systems, Moon, Braille, closed circuit electronic magnification tools and large print formats to engage and educate both in and outside of the classroom.

Children in the classroom